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I am an experienced professional with a multi-disciplined background in creative services and post production. I manage creative resources and execution of projects that include branding, upfront presentations and marketing strategies. Most recently I focus in film visual effects composite work for feature film and episodic shows. I am a hands-on professional with passion for creative and technical trends bringing valuable experience to challenging projects.



 Comcast Media 360 / Commercial - Connectivity

MLS Soccer  - Promo Welcoms Gerard + Lampard

AMNH - Preserving Lonesome George  -  Opening + Closing Title        

iPad Interactive UX content - The MET     Permanet Collection @ New European Painting Galleries 

 The Met: Neatherlandish Altar A & B  / The Nativity  /  UX iPad Interactive content

The Met: Spanish Altar  /  The Trinity Adored by All Saints  /  UX iPad Interactive content

The Met: talian Altar / Madonna and Child with Saints  /  UX iPad Interactive content

XFINITI / Comcast - rebrand of its combined cable television, phone and internet services, and Digital Domain created visual effects for the :60 second spot

Falling Skies - TNT  series - Opening Title / design - composite       My Role: Visual effects compositor for the opening title, bringing to life sketches and photoshop plates to a full organic motion of the space view of the Earth while incorporating the show title into the scene.

DIRECTV Latin America    My role was to produce the monthly promo as an Hispanic version by modifying the 3d files, re editing titles and camera moves and replacing with new movie clips lineup. Other task were to time to redo copy and time to audio vo and sound effects. I also had to produced the print style guide for this campaign.

FOX News - Transparent campaign  /  Art Director - Animation Artist - Flame


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